KargoKart by Hanson Designs

To design a cart with this many functions the key issues needed to be resolved: a one piece frame, the hinge system, and handle brackets. Extruded aluminum provides an elegant solution in terms of design and manufacturing. Extrusion is a process used to create objects with a fixed cross-sectional profile. Aluminum is heated and a hydraulic press pushes it through the die to the desired shape/profile. Very complex shapes can be easily made with an excellent surface finish and good structural characteristics. The hinge is integral not a separate part and no fasteners of any kind are required between the frame and folding panels. The wing panel with its part of the hinge slides onto the frame with its part of the hinge. It’s easy to change function and configuration with the handle bracket design and quick release pins.


  • Recreational uses
  • Ergonomic design
  • Superior quality and design
  • Solves the storage problems
  • Cost effectiveness of buying 6 in 1 tool